Who We Are

HAMTECH is an artificial intelligence accelerator.

Our focus in HAMTECH is on AI, empowerment and entrepreneurship and we try to help our teams with providing sufficient resources to become successful in their businesses. We’re interested in start-ups that are creating the future, using promising new technologies to make a positive impact.

Our mission is

Tobe come one of the leading entrepreneurship resources in AI.

Help Our Customer

Our goal is to help startups in critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment to become stable and successful businesses.

We Provide High Quality Services

It's All About Artificial Intelligence

Our Service Keeps you Happy

Business Strategy

Supports entrepreneurs in their business developments

Provides services

Provides required tools and mentorships

Useful for Scientists

Provides access to AI ecosystem and the networks of mentors, investors and corporate partners

Our Teams


Health Care

Your Doctor Robot at Home.


Game Designer



Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing


Game Designer

Cognitive Game

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